About 36 hours ago, I spoke out against the Israeli invasion and slaughter of Gaza, within that 36 hours, I have lost over 1,000 follows, received dozens of hate messages and death threats, and people are now threatening to “take down” my tumblr. People have also concluded that I am Muslim and part of Hamas, despite the fact that I am an Atheist and look at all religion as false. I literally cannot decide whether to be more amused or disgusted. I cannot fathom why we are once again defending Israel when they have now killed over 500 innocent people, 70% of which are children and women. They are not defending themselves, they are committing terrorism in a land they want as their own. Their citizens have literally started camping on a mountain to watch and cheer as rockets fall on Gaza, home to 1.8 million people. As I have said many times, both sides are scum for putting innocent people at risk, but if you believe Israel is only “defending” themselves or that they are somehow on an equal playing field, you are extremely misinformed. If you would not trade places with someone in Gaza right now over someone in Israel, that means you know the truth but choose to ignore it. I just cannot believe that I am getting death threats for wanting peace. I try to see the best in humanity, but right now, I see no humanity.